First things first: Architecture is poetry, philosophy, art and music before its building systems or structure. To these we must adhere BUT, without structure you can have an idea and everyone is allowed to have that. Glen C. Campbell Book an appointment


Our mission is based on providing architectural design solutions that enhances the lives of the individuals on whose building projects we work. Through our methodical yet very creative approach, Glen C. Campbell, PA seeks to balance aesthetic considerations with the functional and practical needs of each client. Our architectural design team in collaboration with our engineering associates applies time-tested and experience-earned expertise to effectively manage any challenge or demand that may arise.


“After the sudden and devastating death of our sister Donna, our family realized that we needed to make significant changes to our three-story home so that it would accommodate our needs as well as that of our elderly mother. As we began to explore the scope of work we quickly realized that because of broken walls, malfunctioning plumbing and poorly executed electrical work, we had to remedy multiple problems beyond the capability of a handyman. We needed an experienced architect. Fortunately, we turned the job over to Glen Campbell. Glen C. Campbell, PA along with Darnell Coy of Coy Builders Enterprises stepped in and helped to shepherd the Williams family through an amazing journey. With the building in a historic area, we needed to have the entire property revitalized, from Heating and Air conditioning to custom detailing of window and door treatments and cabinetry to re-design of the interior. The investment added thousands of dollars of equity to our home and we could not be more satisfied. I would recommend Glen C. Campbell without reservation. They do quality work! “

- The Williams sisters Send us feedback


We cover everything from needs assessment and site selection and analysis; to design, project administration and construction management. Glen C. Campbell, PA has a proven track record for developing customized strategies through our active collaboration with our clients. We take pride in the projects we undertake and remain dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards in the profession. We begin the design process without any preconceived notions about the look or form. In the words of Philip Johnson: as a blank piece of paper. We listen carefully to the client and we attempt to fully understand his/her needs, wishes and desires. Once the functional requirements also called the Program is digested and the Site is well understood, the basic substance of the building begins to reveal itself. It is at that time of revelation a discussion is shared with the client as to where the design of the building might go.


Using a wide variety of artistic, historical, design and technical tools we begin our sculptural experiments. The building is designed in Schematic versions about three or four times before we see the ultimate form and aesthetic statement. Energetic and comprehensive discussions take place between the principals before a clear direction is taken. The discussions include but are not limited to the appropriateness of design, style, period, relevance, fabric and their implied results. Through the process of Sketches, Model building, Renderings and Perspectives the building is put together like a dress-maker designs and crafts a fine dress. Refinements are consistently sort throughout the entire design process until Construction Documents are completed.


All considerations of the best practices in engineering, technology, materials, sustainability and energy-saving systems are brought to the table during the exploration process. Our latest thinking on design flavor, which is continually evolving is put to the test and used as best suited for the particular building. We proceed using order and geometry as standard tools of the professional legacy, based on tested design philosophy. The intent is to come-out with designs that are well proportioned, functional, workable, long lasting and most of all, beautiful; covering every square inch of the facility. Ultimately our standard for judging beauty is the human, as noted in our firm’s title.


To insure the quality and integrity of the design, we at Glen C. Campbell, PA recommend that the construction be executed by Coy Builders Enterprises (CBE). The capability of the construction management team has a profound impact on the final production of the building and CBE will guarantee that the work is done to the highest standards at a most efficient price.