Projects under the Glen C. Campbell, PA firm


M. St. Hill (Pending Construction)

Building Style: Modern Derivative.

Exterior Skin: Aluminum and Brick with lightly tinted Glass.

Rendering and photographs to follow.

Bronx, New York

This Three-Floor, 4,000 Square Feet residential project came to us at an interesting time. The client requested a single-family building that would serve herself and her two children. Because of Zoning, demolition of the existing old building for replacement with a similar sized building was required. In addition to designing the building, the challenge was to address the fact that the adjoining neighbor’s house was abutting the St. Hill building.

G CCA decided to seal-off the relationship to the neighbor’s building with a Vertical Wall which also provides structural integrity to the St. Hill residence. Design includes the Exterior Envelope, Interior Design, Engineering, Landscaping, Fixture and Furniture Design, Color and Material finishes and Furnishings.


T.J.B. Realty (Work in progress)

Building Style: Modern.

Exterior Skin: Brick with lightly tinted Glass in Aluminum structure.

Rendering and photographs to follow.

Bronx, New York

The T.J.B Corporation commissioned Campbell to design a Residential Apartment Building on a Site it owns in this working-class section of the Bronx, NY. No specific aesthetic mandate was given but the facility had to house One-Family and Two-Family Units to the maximum zoning possible. After a Zoning Analysis, GCCA presented a solution to the executives of this corporation by taking advantage of the Quality Housing regime that New York City allows in its Resolution. A total of more than 25,000 Square Feet of space was taken and turned into quality housing which maintains the scale of the street and neighborhood.

TA traditional Floor Plan worked well for the site and shifted plates between the central core and between the mass of One-bedroom and Two-bedroom units, created a lightness to the façade. Automobile Parking is satisfied at the rear of the lot and the design service includes Exterior treatment, Engineering, Construction Documentation of the exterior and the interior, fixtures and furniture design and finish material selection, from the Lobby to the Roof.


The Castro Family.

Building Style: Cape Cod with added Modern Expression.

Exterior Skin: Wood Siding with Stucco.

Spring Valley, New York

The objective was to expand a small Two-Bedroom Cape Cod styled house into a larger One-family structure. GCCA began by trying to blend the traditional architectural style with new and contemporary thinking. Additional Bedrooms, Baths, Dining Room and a Kitchen expansion resulted, a total of about 1,800 square feet. The project was designed and construction-managed by Campbell.

The building greets the street with its simple traditional flavor but exposes itself into dynamic form, as one walks from front to back. Functionally well situated, the price was kept on the economic side. It is eventually a good example of what can be achieved without excessive cost when good architectural thinking is brought to the planning stage.


The Williams Family.

Exterior Skin: Brick

Photographs by Abe Jasinowski

Photographs by Vanessa Blake

Construction by Coy Builders Enterprise.

Brooklyn, New York

The exercise started as a renovation of the Third Floor and eventually extended throughout the entire structure. Recently placed on the Historic Landmark record of the City of New York, the Campbell-invented front entry Door and Canopy was installed in time to be grandfathered into the Landmarks regime. As part of the design thinking, several elements in the Bedrooms, Baths, Kitchens and other parts of the house have been treated with creative attention, taken from the Glen C. Campbell, PA design vocabulary.

The building is Three Floors plus a Cellar, a total of about 3,100 Square Feet and the entire Mechanical and Electrical Systems were redesigned and installed in collaboration with the renovation work. New custom-designed Wall Units, Fire Place mantle design, Fixture design, Drape design and selection along with original Art Work displays complete the Aesthetic statement.


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Pending Construction)

Building Style: Modern.

Exterior Skin: Brick with tinted Glass in Aluminum Frame.

Rendering by Luis Blanc

Bronx, New York

Designed for the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, it is a 32,000 square foot contemporary, multipurpose structure which blends harmoniously into a residential community. The building features a Great Hall which will accommodate athletic events and dining uses, a Day Care Center with unique roof top play area, Library and Administrative Offices.

Design responsibilities included a comprehensive Exterior and Interior Design and Engineering, taking into consideration design of all related furniture and fixtures. The current construction estimate is $ 9.5 Million. Construction is to be scheduled.


Mount Olivet Seventh-Day Adventists Church

Exterior Skin: Brick on Wood Frame.

Rendering by Simple Twig Architecture, Nicholas Buccalo

Camden, New Jersey

This 10,400 Square Foot renovation provided an opportunity to recreate a contemporary image for the existing Sanctuary and also to expand its capacity. It allowed for reorganization of administrative functions around the Sanctuary, new Audio/Visual control room, Community Services and Administrative Offices. Special emphasis was given to the religious vocabulary, which expresses itself in the design of the Altar. Mechanical and Electrical Systems upgrade were also required along with furniture design and selection of all materials and colors for the entire interior of the facility.


Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach AKA SOHO

Exterior Skin: Concrete Masonry Units with Stucco Finish.

Rendering by Simple Twig Architecture, Nicholas Buccalo

Photographs by Josef Kissinger

Mhlosheni, Swaziland, Africa

To a request from Cynthia J. Prime, the CEO and co-founder of SOHO, the response was a 6,000 Square Feet facility on a single level. It includes a Common Community entry space, a Residential quarter for the care-taker and a large Multi-purpose room to facilitate a variety of functions.