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Once the design of your future building is completed, the hunt begins for the best company to handle the construction. The bidding and negotiation process can be stressful, but with the guidance of Glen C. Campbell PA you can find the construction company that is ideally suited to your needs and budget.

While the decision of which company to choose is ultimately yours, having the advice of experienced professionals is invaluable. It is also at this point that the principals at GCCA will introduce the services of Coy Builders Enterprises. It is intended to provide our clients with a reliable resource for constructing the building with the utmost care and quality at a reasonable price. In addition to the estimates given by other contractors during the Bidding and Negotiation process, we recommend Coy Builders as the preferential choice because of the past experience with this entity in building Campbell projects.

How Does the Bidding Process Work?

Bidding is the process of inviting legitimate contractors or builders to review and assess the Design Documents, using their experience in building so that they may arrive at a price for constructing the facility as designed. The construction documents are the instruments that are studied, so that specific quantities can be established and accurately priced.

What Does Negotiation Involve?

After selecting the construction company that best matches your vision, budget and goals, it is time to negotiate their contract. During the negotiation you are able to discuss the project with the construction company, working out the finer details of the contract in an attempt to secure the best possible deal for their services.

Negotiation can be stressful; not everyone possesses this skill, which is why having a member of our team present to guide and take legitimate actions in your behalf can be enormously helpful. The negotiation process is something we are used to, so we can work alongside you to create a contract that suits your budget and places your needs first.

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