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Once the design development has been fully developed, and the client is satisfied with how things are progressing, Glen C. Campbell PA moves on to the next phase, the creation of construction documents.

Our experience creating construction documents for any project is that they are fully representative of our client's wishes and the dictates of the building. This is the stage in the design process where the most technical expertise is brought to bear on the development of a building. In effect what we do is construct the building on paper the same way it is constructed in real life in the field. It becomes necessary to know exactly where everything is going and must be executed to scale so that mistakes are avoided once construction begins. Detailed, accurate construction documents save our clients confusion, time and money by giving the construction company a clear portrait of how the building must function and what the project is intended to look like.

What are Construction Documents and Why Do They Matter?

Construction documents are detailed instructions or DNA of your new building that covers everything the construction team needs to know in order to successfully build the structure. These documents are highly detailed and include everything from the materials to be used to the technical systems needed to make the building function. Specifications regarding standards and type of equipment and material are also included, so there are no questions as to what must be put into the building.

In a nutshell, construction documents are the first key piece of information that is passed along to the construction company, and contains all the essential information that allows them to accurately price the building and start putting the structure together. These documents are extremely important and because of this they are crucial outlines that builders can use to guide their work.

Building Documentation Increases Accuracy

Accuracy is always a significant concern with any document produced during the design process, but because these documents are interpreted by a company other than Glen C. Campbell PA, it is particularly important during this phase.

We strive to provide work that is within your budget and we understand that any misrepresentations in the construction documents can lead to a quote that does not match your financial commitment. As a result, we are fully committed to producing the most detailed, accurate construction documents possible. If models are required we produce them. We pull together all of the disciplines such as Engineering Etc, to insure that the building is complete. Good construction Documents makes communication between everyone involved much easier and production of the building more cost-effective. This is important to cost savings and the accurate forecasting of time and resources.

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Construction documents that are wholly representative of our client's vision allow building companies to work efficiently to complete a project within the agreed price and upon the agreed timeline. For documents that are to your exact specifications, look no further than the work produced by Glen C Campbell PA