Architectural Design Development Brooklyn and New York

As the architectural process continues to move forward from Schematic Design, our team will start developing concise and more accurate and specific design for your project. It is during this phase that your vision will truly start to come to life, as we produce more detailed plans of the building.

Design development is a crucial step in the construction of the building, so working with a firm that understands the entire process of design is essential. Glen C. Campbell PA has extensive experience in every aspect of the design process and we are ideal candidates for any building design project, no matter how big or small it may be.

What Does Design Development Involve?

Following the schematic design phase, the architectural process moves towards design development. While the schematic design is the first look you'll have at your new building, during design development you will start to see a structure that closely resemble what the building will look like, rather than the rougher sketches created for the schematic design phase.

This is also the point in which clients start to think about certain aspects of the building in greater detail. Will the floors be hardwood? Laminate? Which way will the windows and doors open? Will there be other design elements incorporated into the finished product? There is a lot to think about during this step, but Glen C Campbell PA's experienced architects are here to help minimize any stress that may surface.

Construction Materials, Plumbing and Electrical Systems

During design development, feedback from the schematic design is incorporated into the plans, which now takes into account key structural elements like elevation fenestration, wall thickness and precise dimensions.

This is also the phase in which construction materials become a topic of conversation, as well as important things like security and signal systems, plumbing and electrical systems. We find it helpful to think of this as the time when your building starts to seem more real rather than being a sketch, the building becomes something with moving parts. We take care to accurately document and build the necessary systems on which the building will depend for its functioning when complete. This Design Development Stage defines how the following stages of the design process will be undertaken. At this stage more accurate estimates of construction cost and budget can be assessed and at GCCA we insist on this type of analysis in order to protect our clients from unexpected cost or information for which they may not be prepared.

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