Feasibility Studies in Brooklyn

Before undertaking the design of a building or even during the design process, it may become necessary to take a look at the realities of the undertaking. This is one time when a Feasibility study might be required to determine the specific needs of the project and the resulting decisions. These studies are undertaken for a variety of reasons. One might be cost versus benefit another may be related to location or use Etc. Regardless of the reason it may be wise to do such a study before moving further. The study can be a cost-saving mechanism which could result in better decisions regarding the development of the project.

What is the Purpose of a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is intended to determine if the proposed project is right for the intended use. In effect designing a building is a feasibility study on the construction of the building. It is a way to determine exactly how the building will behave before extensive financial resources are spent on Concrete, Steel and Wood in the field. In the same manner, a feasibility study or an investigation and written report are a saving on funds before money is spent preparing architectural designs.

Once the study is complete, those involved in the project can make a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the project in mind, based on the information that has been collected. Alternatively, if the study determines that the proposed planning is not suitable, the proposal can be redesigned before moving further. Factors include: Budget, Impact, Schedule, Environmental concerns, Municipal considerations, History and relevance of the proposed facility. These are critical considerations of which a client must be aware before undertaking an important architectural project.

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