Architectural Programming in Brooklyn and New York

Every project has a starting point, where interested parties come together to talk about what needs to be done in order to complete the necessary work. In architecture, everything begins with the programming stage. Before a design is drafted, before materials are decided on, and before a site is chosen or in collaboration with choosing a site, the architect must sit down with the client to go over their functional needs also called the program.

Importance of Programming in The Design Process

At Glen C Campbell PA, we ask the right questions in order to understand what each client needs. If the needs need clarity, we walk though the issues in sufficient detail to advise and recommend specific direction regarding use. We also bring sufficient understanding of how the particular building-type works to make suggestions and modify the direction. As the architects, we learn about the client’s goals and vision for the project, ranging from more general information like the number of rooms and floors, to more specific, qualitative details such as size of spaces needed and for how many persons are to use the space; environmental factors included.

Elements affected by the programming include: Budget, scope of work, building systems, structural dynamics, design, presentation, flavor and tone relative to the functioning of the building and its ultimate users.

Engaging an experienced architecture firm to assist with the programming is always a good idea, because it helps to create a clearer vision of how the project will unfold. At Glen C Campbell PA we have the knowledge, experience and sensitivity in our understanding of this portion of the work, to guide our clients in the programming phase as well as the other phases of the design process. Programming is the first step towards the construction of your building, so let us help with resolving this important issue by calling us.