Site Selection with Glen C Campbell PA

Site selection is one of the most exciting phases in an architectural project, because it involves the scouting and scoring of locations influencing the decision of where to construct a building. It is more complicated than simply choosing a location that is nice or proposing a building for the site you may already own. Site selection requires a careful examination of different issues, factoring in many things beyond aesthetic appeal. As a result, you need to be fully confident in the skills of your architecture firm before beginning the journey towards your proposed building.

The location of your building should be reflective of your needs and budget; but also of the intended use. These factors are to be matched against Municipal requirements such as Zoning and Code concerns. In addition it should take into consideration issues such as soil values, adjacencies to other uses, accessibility and property value. From a business or residential point of view, location is critical. Therefore site selection should be understood first before the program can be fully flushed out.

In the initial discussion about your project, the principals at GCCA will walk through the dynamics relative to the Site and its potential, before moving into discussions about program and design. Glen C. Campbell PA understands the dynamics involved and would be happy to assist you in the discussion and residual decisions.