Glen C. Campbell, Architect

Glen became inspired to pursue architecture at a young age while studying the work of the classical masters during his early life in Trinidad. The images fascinated him and sparked a desire to create architectural art for life.

This desire led him to attend The School of Architecture and Environmental Studies, The City College, New York where he graduated with a degree in Architecture. After leaving City College, Glen worked with important architectural offices such as Copeland Novak and Israel, Tucci Segrete & Rosen and eventually Fitzpatrick Design Group, where he executed projects as an executive for small, mid-range and large Department Stores. Projects over the years included designs for prestigious names such as Tiffany, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bonwit Teller and many others. It is on these projects that he acquired skills which now influence the work that he undertakes.

Whether designing Churches, Community Centers, Schools, Residential Structures or small intimate spaces, his attention to detail ensures that clients are fully satisfied. As a former Adjunct Professor, at New York City Technical College, he continues to give back his knowledge to new talent as he proceeds on his own personal growth path. Glen is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

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Glen C. Campbell

Developer: L.J. Hooker

Owner/Management:  World Properties, LLC.

Architect: Fitzpatrick Design Group

Date of completion: 1988


Forest Fair Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Project Executive for this 80,000 square foot upscale retail development in the Forest Fair Mall was Glen C. Campbell. 

The unifying elliptical theme established at the rotunda of the facility is articulated in the cove-lit ceilings and marble-floor definitions, elegant columns and appropriately proportioned entrances to varied departments, all with an ambiance of luxury.

The project required comprehensive design expertise including Project Administration, Client Coordination, Construction Documentation, Contractor Direction and general oversight and follow-through of the design and construction process from start to finish.  Glen’s contribution was critical to the success of this project with his attention to every small detail, including design refinements during construction. This type of attention to detail is a standard part of the Glen C. Campbell, PA firm’s practice on all projects undertaken.

Human Seal

As the philosophical basis of his approach to architectural Design, Frank Gehry went back so far that he decided to select the Fish. Following Gehry’s lead, I however decided to begin at humans. “For humans by humans”

Our journey therefore continues and we thank him for his enormous contribution, stylistically and technologically.  Everything is now possible.

Winston L. Williams, Architect

Winston, who hails from the island of Jamaica, was first engaged in the United States at the office of Le Gendre-Johnson, Architects. While there, he attended The School of Architecture and Environmental Studies, The City College, New York from which he earned a degree in Architecture.

Subsequently, he was recruited by Environetics Architects, PC, where he served for four years and then moved into the office of John Burgee Architects where he worked with Philip Johnson of the Johnson & Burgee team for eight years.

Winston became a specialist in Multi-Story Curtain Wall Design and worked on projects at Johnson and Burgee such as the IBM Tower and One Ninety One Peachtree Tower, each building more than Fifty Stories in height. After working for Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, PC, Winston served at Lawless and Mangione, Architects & Engineers, LLP, Yonkers, NY. where he specialized in restoration and repair on a variety of building-types. As a principal of GCCA; his strong technical skills and keen understanding of the nuances of fine design, enables clients to benefit from the firm’s best efforts.

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Winston Williams

Developer: Hines Interest Limited Partnership

Architect: Philip Johnson with John Burgee

Date of completion: 1987

Building Style: Gothic architectural expression of Post Modernism.

Exterior Skin: Spanish pink granite with cooper pyramidal top and gold peak.


West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia

Job Captain for this Fifty-Story Project with over One Million Square Feet of Commercial Space, Winston Williams mastered design development, produced Construction Documents and oversaw Construction from start to finish.

The technological knowledge required to produce such a structure is tremendous. Winston started by mapping-out the entire building on sketch paper from the Foundation. His knowledge of design, techniques, history, and building systems makes him comfortable with taking-on such enormous task and his hands-on approach to building production guaranteed that Philip Johnson’s design concepts could be maintained and executed in a manner that respected Johnson’s genius.

Winston exemplified himself as a distinguished practitioner of the architectural craft and science and he brings this ability to Glen C. Campbell, PA for all of its projects.

Owner/Management: Cousins Properties  

Architect: Philip Johnson with John Burgee

Date of completion: 1991

Building Style: Neo Classical

Exterior Skin:  Flame finished Rosa Dante granite and gray tinted glass.


Peachtree Street, Northeast Atlanta, Georgia

On this Fifty-Story project Winston Williams provided the expertise of the associate Project Manager, covering 1.2 Million Square Feet of commercial office structure.  The Lobby enjoys an entry atrium that is 102 feet tall, approximately seven stories and is a hallmark of the Johnson design sensibility.  This is another example of the type of skill that Winston brings to Glen C. Campbell, PA, for its architectural designs. 

Orville Hayles, Architect

Orville is a graduate of The School of Architecture and Environmental Studies at The City College, New York. Upon graduation he worked at Harry Soled, Architects where he was involved in various aspects of Design Planning, including Zoning Analysis, Code Investigation, with emphasis on Residential use. With the passing of time he became an expert in the legal documentation of buildings and continues to be deeply involved at the start of every project in analysis and decisions as to what is legally possible. After leaving Soled Architects he joined Bricolage Designs, Architects/Planners where a significant proportion of his work included Condominium and Co-operative Development.

Over the years, Orville’s contribution to the projects at GCCA has always been significant from the initial discussions, to shaping the design philosophy, to actual production and execution of the plan. He is registered in the State of New York and has National Certification.

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Orville Hayles

Sample project descriptions and projects to be provided

Elspeth Knox, Interior Designer

Elspeth has traveled extensively internationally and brings a wide range of skills to the firm. Experienced in fine art and with a firm knowledge of cultures from several continents, she brings fresh ideas to every project.

At Sotheby’s, New York, she worked as a Departmental Assistant in the Decorative Arts department, then went on to firms such as Tucci Segrete & Rosen, Architects., Brennan Beer Gorman Monk, NY., Rosenblum Harb Architects, NY, as an Interior Designer. The projects range from small to large commercial spaces for clients such as Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Caesar’s Palace and Hilton Hotel.

It was at Fitzpatrick Design Group, New York that Glen Campbell, and Elspeth worked on several projects together. Elspeth served as the Senior Colorist and Materials Designer on projects for clients such as Bonwit Teller, and Bloomingdale’s. In 2000, Elspeth opened M. Elspeth Knox Interior Design, New York, NY., collaborating with GCCA as its chief Color and Material Expert. She has since worked on several high-end projects including IDC on the Bund, Shanghai, China. Her work also includes projects for the Matloff Residence, the Maoz Residence and Columbia Medical Center, to name a few.

Elspeth is an expert in Color and Materials, Graphics, Furniture and Jewelry. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and the Fine Arts Department of New York University.

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Elspeth Knox


Watermill, Long Island, New York

The interior design and decoration of this Summer House; consisting of Five Bedrooms and Six Bathrooms, as well as a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen was a substantial project.  Elspeth showed her complete understanding and sensitivity to the Hirsch’s life style in every detail of this very large home.  This is another example of the type of design service that is possible from the team at Glen C. Campbell, PA.


West Village, New York

This building is the result of the renovation of a Parking Garage into Luxury Loft Apartments.  Elspeth’s contribution was Interior Design and Decoration of the
Two-Story Living environment.  Special attention was paid to furniture, furnishings and finishes, making this an exciting use of dynamic space.


Rhinebeck, New York

The building is the Second home of the Molin Family.  Located in Rhinebeck, New York, it is a structure with a number of unusual and unique architectural elements. Large and vaulted Ceiling above the Living Room expresses the expanse of the scope of design work.  The building houses Four Bedrooms and Five Bathrooms, with a separate guest suite above the Garage. Elspeth was a comfortable with the design and decoration of this project as she is with larger residential or commercial projects.  Attention to detail and sophisticated taste allowed her to finish the interiors in the appropriate style for a family of four.